Welcome to the “Northeast Ohio Logistics Infrastructure Study.”  This study is a comprehensive view of the logistics infrastructure of Northeast Ohio that describes the existing state of the infrastructure, discusses its strengths and weaknesses, and points out opportunities to use our infrastructure to attract business and create jobs.  Funded by the Northeast Ohio Trade and Economic Consortium (NEOTEC), the study was conducted by Bradley Hull PhD of John Carroll University during the summer and fall of 2009.


Please use the sidebar to the left to select your topics of interest.  Once you have selected a topic, such as “Maritime” you will find underneath it 1) video clips, 2) presentation slides from the video clips, 3) an overview of the topic, and 4) a list of references with urls and short descriptions whenever possible, and 4) invited commentary from industry experts.  The goal is for you to be able to click on a topic of interest and gain a quick and thorough understanding of that topic.  The executive summary provides an overall summary of all the components of NEO’s logistics infrastructure, a view of NEO’s infrastructure in a statewide context, and a list of opportunities available to us.


If you are an expert in one of the subject areas and would like to contribute commentary, please contact us.  If you have other comments, please contact us as well:


Bradley Hull PhD

Associate Professor and Reid Chair

Department of Management Marketing and Logistics

John Carroll University

20700 North Park Blvd

University Heights OH 44118

Phone:  216-397-4182



Marilyn Morgan                       Ronald de Barr

Director of Marketing     or       President and CEO

mmorgan@neotec.org               rdebarr@neotec.org

Northeast Ohio Trade & Economic Consortium (NEOTEC)
                         P.O. Box 5190
                         Kent, OH 44242-0001
                         Phone: 330.672.4080


Acknowledgements:  The author would like to acknowledge the help of several people.  First, Ron DeBarr and Marilyn Morgan were instrumental in providing guidance and support throughout. Also the students from my Fundamentals of Transportation course at John Carroll provided many references.  Marc P. Lynn PhD developed this website on short notice.  Arnie de la Porte, Consul of the Netherlands, and Roy Knapp, President of Consultech, provided support and guidance. Finally, William J. Borden of Global Trade Resources, LLC assisted in the initial stages of the project.  Brad Hull




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